The night was shrouded in dragon’s breath

lone wanderers scything through its depth

Short crawls morphing into cloaked brawls

Piercing swords of light

wielded to stay the elemental bite

shuffling footsteps meld into murmuring echoes

mimicking the dragon’s heartbeat in the mythical meadow

upon this winter’s eve

a moment for us to believe

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Let me introduce BaaBaa McSheepyface!

As his name suggests (It still makes me laugh every time I say it) he’s fun, and doesn’t take things to seriously.
Hailing from a land famous for sheep, Canada.

After making his way across the Atlantic his adventures continued without respite.

We’ve been travelling together for about a year now. In that time we’ve covered approximately 8,000 miles.

He’s crossed the pond, visited King Arthur’s resting place, walked on Hadrian’s wall. travelled the Royal mile, listened to Edinburgh castle’s 1pm gun up close. While visiting the tower of London. he’s seen the Crown Jewels and eve met a few ravens.

BaaBaa’s learned to swim, walked on the beach, listened to me sing.. badly, been on many a car trip while never once asking are ‘we there yet’.

He’s visited castles, climbed mountains, posed for portraits, and is a some time guest on my twitter feed. His knowledge of history straddles subjects from Industrial revolution, medieval life, Victorian underwear, Neolithic monuments. Liking to keep in touch with nature, he can sometimes be found at bird and wildlife reserves or making friends with sheep, cows, and even the occasional wood Ent.

He’s been sandwiched by friends, in a lion’s mouth and even stared down a dragon.

After all that, he still likes to put his feet up and enjoy afternoon tea at the Jane Austen museum.

BaaBaa doesn’t speak much, not to be confused with not saying much.

Small things make a difference, what might seem humdrum isn’t. We do more than we realise, and have fun when we let ourselves. These are just some of the things he says.

BaaBaa blogs – coming soon, blogs about places he’s visited.

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The room

The room was crowded with noise,
the walls light and close.
A more empty feeling could not be found than within the soul.

The body quivers,
echoes of murmurs from the heart,
the only reminder of its presence.

Empty air, the remaining sustenance,
the curtains drawn on the chaos outside,
an alien world of un-aloneness.

The resonance in my head an empty chamber,
baron wooden panelled walls that swallow colour and shape,
stretching into abandoned halls.

One lavished with grand ideas and fortuitous dreams,
splintering and creaking at the seams,
history living, yet not.

A caress of my touch brings ashes and dust,
broken dreams flutter and fail,
smothered in and eerie hush

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Without pain

When I cried my last tear my heart burst.
I exhausted my pain – no more to seep from my eyes.
All I be is afraid, twisted to hide it in plain sight.
I bury any anger for it may vanquish fears.
Without which, I fail to remain.
Nothing holds me together.
I have worn out my pain.

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Clear skies

Under a watercolour wash of blues

birds danced and dived, my heart and soul were wooed


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Nikon and night

I’m one of those people who likes to gaze at the night sky.
The Perseid meteor shower is happening at this time of year.

On the one night free of cloud I packed up my trusty Nikon D3200, tripod, a few torches and the usuals for nocturnal wanderings.

The skies were fairly clear, my camera set up, blanket on standby, I was all ready for a night of watching the skies and catching sight of Perseids except that didn’t happen.  For whatever reason, stray cloud, light pollution or maybe I just blinked at the wrong time during the couple of hours I was out there I didn’t see a single one with my own eyes.   Total failure. I went for perfection and didn’t get a wink from the skies… or did I?


My faithful Nikon was snapping away at things beside me.

I took a selection of photos, most of which had nothing to do with meteors.  Each of them gave me a


The Moon. Sometimes we forgot about what we can’t always see. This reminded me that it’s still there.


Showing what it can do, even when the attention might be else where

Showing what it can do, even when the attention might be else where


Heading towards the horizon, setting the scene, or stealing it?

The Moon heading towards the horizon, setting the scene, or stealing it?


Look again, top centre. Is that a meteor? What might happen when we widen our focus

Look again, top centre. Is that a meteor? What might happen when we widen our focus


The Milky way, with a visitor

The Milky way, with a visitor


What’s all this got to do with mental health you may ask?

These photos, these moments help to remind me that even if my preconceived idea of success isn’t fully met, if I don’t see what I want or exactly how I want it… That the experience can be just as great, if not sometimes better if I allow myself to look beyond my ideals and see what’s around.

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Coloured pencils

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, I thought I’d start with a rant.  I don’t think I do that much.  Maybe I should.

The past few weeks have been crap.  Bounced around my medical professionals. Ignored and neglected by friends and those who seek my attention, and once given reciprocation is nowhere to be found. I still hurt over loss.   The icing on the cake would be almost being run down last week.   I was half way across a pedestrian crossing,  the driver came skidding to a stop inches away.   I have no doubt that if I was someone of smaller stature, a child perhaps, the person behind the wheel who obviously had more important things to do than pay attention..would have hit them.  There was a moment of quiet where the driver’s gaze meet mine.  Their face showed little expression except annoyance.  I looked across to the child in the front seat, couldn’t have been more than eight or nine.  I felt a great swell of pity at that moment for the child.  What could they be learning from the driver, that it’s always someone else’s fault? They shouldn’t pay attention? To get angry with others rather than admit fault?

I walked on.

Later that evening I opened my colouring book and continued with the picture I was working on.

Colouring can be a great thing.  I often leave parts of the picture ‘unfinished’ because I like to believe that what was.. shouldn’t *need* to be covered up completely with something new, nor that it should dominate to the detriment of everything else.   That’s me, foolish as I am at times.

Frustration followed me that evening.  It seemed several of my colouring pencils where broken all the way through, a few lines and then back into the pencil sharper to coax a little more from them.  After persistence, and a fair amount of stubbornness, I was done.   There maybe a lesson to be leant from that, I know not what it might be.   Though I do look on at some of my other pictures… especially one which I dubbed the Rhi-yes, in homage to good things can happen…. maybe for me too.


The Rhi-yes

The Rhi-yes




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Sunshine in my heart warms my face.

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Each bite of the poison apple tastes so sweet

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The piano deconstructed

Hollow within,

Under tension we sing.

Moved by the caress of one,

Touching minds when we’ve begun.


Emotions we make.

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